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Adoria Gold Necklace

Among Indian jewellery, there is no dearth of style and design options in necklaces. From polki and choker to meena, jadau and kundan- the options are myriad and so are the tastes of women. After having all these types of jewelry in your collection, you really want fusion jewellery that has something stylish, trendy and unique. This is the time you must take a look at this trendy leaves and beads necklace.

With an array or coral/rubies at the top, this 22 kt hallmark necklace has a thick edging of leaves and beads made of gold. It is stylish, contemporary and gorgeous. Although the necklace looks too heavy from far, it is actually light in weight and easy to wear and carry. It is convenient and comfortable, as the edging is flexible and bends easily as required. These types of jewelry items are rare to find but once you find them, it’s not worth missing out. You can not only wear it with Indian dresses like sarees and suits, but it also looks gorgeous and stunning with gowns, frocks and short dresses.

So go grab this exquisite piece of jewelry and flaunt it at the next, upcoming party or special occasion.