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Emerald Aria Diamond Choker

Every woman has a favourite piece of jewellery and mostly, it is the most exclusive and expensive jewellery that becomes a woman’s favourite. This diamond choker set is sure to become any woman’s favourite and those who own it will certainly look for getting a chance to wear it. Exquisitely designed using polki, emeralds and rubies, and pearls; this diamond choker necklace has an unexplainable lavishness about it. Not only is it’s design astonishing, but the attractive combination of black meena around polki reminds you of Bengali jewellery while the rubies take you to the Pind Balluchi. The emeralds spread their global grace and the pearls extend the sophistication while the diamonds bestow their stylishness throughout the necklace.

Five huge emerald-cut emerald with a diamond baguettes bordering around them take the diamond necklace to the higher level of class and sophistication. An array of red rubies at the top stay closer to your neck, defining your neckline so wonderfully while the pearls that that hang down at the end are really so fine and classic.

The twined rows of diamond baguettes is a unique, yet so stylish way of adding opulence and luxury to a design. Surely, this choker necklace will make you look no less than a princess.