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Imperial Aashia Diamond Set

For a special occasion like wedding, nothing can replace the splendour and grandeur a diamond necklace bestows. No matter how sleek you like your jewellery, for some occasions, a heavy diamond necklace is a requisite and to keep up the family heritage, having a diamond necklace is inevitable.

You will so relate to the royal jewelleries of the splendid queens after taking a look at this magnificent diamond necklace set with emeralds. After wearing this necklace, you will surely feel like a princess and it’s ostentatiousness will simply mesmerize you.

This necklace set is made using fine quality diamonds and emerald-cut emeralds set in a very classy tone. It will cover your entire neck and give you such rich and opulent look and feel. Whether you are shopping for a bride or it’s time to revamp your jewellery closet, this necklace set is surely not to be missed. It will forever remain a treasure for the owner and would add splendiferousness to your attire. The matching earrings with emerald stone in emerald-cut and diamonds lined up in a pearl drop shape are gorgeous and divine.

So come and try this necklace for once and bet, you’d never want to take it off.