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Radha Krishna Ethnic Bangle

When it comes to Indian antique jewelry, temple jewelry cannot be overlooked. This exquisite Radha Krishna bangle is a superb example of how religious jewellery items can be designed with a modern touch to match with your contemporary attires.

This gold bangle has a wonderful iconography with the duo along with the cow that is very much symbolic in all the Radha and Krishna forest images along with two peacocks on each side. The use of mina brings in a colourful and vivid look, taking you visually straight to Vrindavan.

Whether you have a Krishna consciousness or you are a Bhagavata Purana follower, this beautiful Radha Krishna bangle will truly let you connect with your faith.

The use of different colours, minute rubies and emeralds in the dresses of Lord Krishna and Radha make this bangle easy to team up with all your attires. The twined gold background just completes the look of this bangle. Whether you want to wear this bangle with a saree or a salwar suit, matching the colours will never be a problem. Also, because we use advanced technology for meenakari and stone setting, it makes this bracelet durable and long-lasting; hence, suitable for routine wear as well.

Once you have this bracelet in your jewelry box, you won’t need to find matching bangles or bracelets for a special occasion any more.