You're Probably Sitting On A Goldmine Right Now

This simple modern business framework can help you release up to 15% of your annual business cash, freeing substantial capital enabling you to pursue growth, increase shareholder value or transform your business from simply surviving to thriving while creating a modern cohesive & empowered family of partners striving towards a common goal that all benefit in the fruits of their labour.


Quantum Capital is a tight-knit team that thrive in providing a framework to ignite SME’s immediate cash flow gains by creating simple changes that have immediate & dramatic impact on your business performance. We simply re-create capital businesses in order for them to flourish in a more modern & better business structure that brings with it many additional benefits both financially and strategically. Strategic Simplicity is at our core of all we do, we create change by ending up with more from less.

We are simply a small family that is committed to the entrepreneurial journey, facilitating and engineering explosive growth and wealth creation through the implementation of our “quantum blueprint” that immediately creates massive cash flow gains while also in some select cases provides a quantum jump in valuation & wealth creation by partnering together with other entrepreneurs in similar businesses for a listed exit, enhancing value by attracting significantly higher multiples.



We’ve found people work harder when they’re working for a business they believe in. We think it’s much more important to really love what you do and take a pride in how you do it.



…comes around. Sometimes, we give away free software or open-source an idea. We believe in always doing the right thing and sharing good fortune wherever possible.



We believe that businesses should be accountable based on their value. We think that the price a customer pays for a product or service should be based upon what it is worth to them and not what it costs the company in providing it.



For successful businesses, the customer is always a valued partner. Our goal is to work in ways that build genuine, lasting relationships, getting to know people’s’ businesses intimately.


We believe in being open, honest, and transparent about what we’re doing. We believe in being down to earth and empowering people by using straightforward communication.


We believe in creating a positive ecosystem where every interaction benefits Our aim is to ensure people benefit from what we do, and to enable more people to benefit from what our clients do.



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Who We Are

Quantum Capital are a tight-knit team of people with the single aspiration to uncover the strategies and create the structures needed to help modern businesses adapt and grow quickly. We don’t just help businesses sort their finances out. We help them build better business structures and create capital businesses. We find new ways of working. We change things. We are driven by a simple, powerful philosophy — finding new ways to make things work better. We’re passionate about our work and we believe we can make a real difference to the lives of our partners and the lifeblood of their businesses. We don’t like rules. We like people. We like great companies and the great people that run them.

And because we like people so much, we give our secrets away. We don’t charge for our time. We don’t charge for our products. We prefer to derive our income by participating in a percentage on every saving we can prove we make.
We believe in rolling roll up our sleeves and really getting involved in our partners’ businesses. We believe in “Win Win” and help our partners by providing a “ financial bridge” to facilitate the most efficient passage between where they are now and where they would like to be.

Meet the Team

Dan Taylor



Creator of “Quantum Capital” and author of soon to be released “quantum blueprint”. Dan is an entrepreneur and has completed more than 36 business transactions from negative contributions to the single largest being £15.4m and cumulatively totalling mid 8 figure value.

David Hart


Chartered Accountant & Tax Adviser

He thinks business success, crudely, depends on building ‘the machine’ that produces the cash and that the only accounting that matters in business is cash management.

Catherine Pinkney


Creative Head

Catherine is an ‘intuitive’ who understands (and loves) people. She can genuinely engage and befriend anyone. The ‘right brain’ counterpart to David’s ‘left brain’; Catherine is not a lover of detail.

James Costello


Engineering Head

Jamie is a solid old-fashioned engineer who loves nothing more than working through the night with ‘code’ spread across half a dozen computer screens. He has been at the forefront of R&D in computer technology with lots of patents and papers to his name.

Jeremy Harbour


Business Analyst

Jeremy is a Singapore based entrepreneur with a truly global focus, owning investments in 12 countries and having bought and sold over 40 companies, and advised on around 100 more. He has been Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year runner up 3 times.

Toby Street


Business Development Director

Toby’s experience includes leading businesses to expansion and sustained growth, structuring joint ventures and strategic collaboration type relationships for horizontal and vertical growth initiatives.



Business Mentor / Advisor

Callum has started, built, bought and sold half a dozen businesses in a range of industries across two continents. He was recently awarded the Asia Best Employer ‘Outstanding Leadership’ award.


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